Creating a macOS AVR Control app with Xamarin Forms

So because I love my MacBook and I really like Xamarin a lot I wanted to give Xamarin.Forms for macOS a go for a change. But, like all my FunWith… projects, I need a purpose, something that I need, something functional! ┬áSo what is do I miss or what can be improved on my MacBook that I very often use?

AVR Remote Control of course! Very often I find myself typing the internal ip address of my AVR to adjust volume, switch network radio channels or switch input. Why not use the remote Control Denon supplied with the AVR or use the web interface they put in the AVR? Yes I could, but wouldn’t it be much more convenient having a tiny little app on your Mac that you could use to adjust the volume and switch some channels? Besides, reverse engineering the web interface learns that the website fires a call to the receiver every second to keep the interface In sync with the real-world-interaction of my AVR.

So let’s get this show on the road.






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